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Rock Security focuses on what our customers and potential customers need and design solutions and offer products thereafter. As a business we have made it our primary focus. Our team is trained and has certifications in a wide variety of CCTV, security cameras and video management solutions. Including Milestone, Avigilon, Genetec, Hikvision & Dahua. Our approach of knowing CCTV systems intimately from the Tier One solutions to the cost effective products allow us to provide you with the best advice based on your application and budget.


What brands and products are the right fit for YOUR needs?

Choosing the correct CCTV security camera is more often harder then choosing a diamond ring. With diamonds it’s the 5 C’s and you on your way.

CCTV Cameras, NVR’s and VMS’s are a tricky subject to navigate. There are thousands of choices, most with very little differences and some with major differences. If you know what WDR, ANPR, Aspect Ratio, F Stop, RAID and many more CCTV terms mean, you probably don’t need professional help in deciding your next solution. For anyone that does not know how these terms affect your security solution, let Rock Security help you design what you need for your requirements and budget.

The various products & brands Rock support

At Rock Security we have strategical looked at supplying several different brands that are all leaders in their specific ‘space’ in the market. From high-end VMS’s (Video Management Software’s) that can manage 1000+ cameras in a distributed network to the perfect home & small business solution we are able to help.

Some of our brands listed below which our team are certified and trained in supporting;

Milestone systems

Currently world’s largest professional Video Management Software.

Milestone Systems offers various packages from XProtect Express, XProtect Professional and XProtect Enterprise allowing a system from 8 cameras at a single location to a federated system across multiple states and 1000’s of cameras.

Rock Security staff are trained and certified in Milestone. Please give our office a ring should you wish to enquire as our Milestone products are not advertised on our Online Security Store.

Axis cameras

Axis Communications was the first company to develop IP CCTV Cameras way back in 1996. From then they have been at the forefront of pioneering the security cameras.

By combining intelligent technology and human imagination, Axis offers solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimize business performance.

Rock Security staff are trained and certified in Axis. Please give our office a ring should you wish to enquire as our Axis products are not advertised on our Online Security Store as the product range requires in depth knowledge on client requirements and application.


Hikvision is currently the largest manufacturer of CCTV products in the world. In 2018 Hikvision’s annual turnover was 7.42 Billion US. Their product range is testament to their surge in the security market.

Hikvision offers superb quality at exceptional prices. From 2MP security cameras all the way up to 8MP cameras there are few challenges for value for money.

Visit our range of Hikvision products on our Online Security Store to begin your journey protecting your home or business.

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Another manufacturer that offers great quality for money. Dahua is the world’s second largest second manufacturer in the world and a personal favourite alongside Hikvision for homes and small business.  .

As the most cost effective product in our range Dahua offers the full suite of security cameras and NVR’s. Depending on your requirements, Dahua should fit your needs.

Visit our range of Dahua Products on our Online Security Store to begin your journey protecting your home or business.

A Recent Installation

Brisbane, March 2019

Choose the right business CCTV cameras for enhanced surveillance.

Research into what type of camera, what exact capability and functionality you need, and how many of them you actually need to sufficiently cover your business premises can be daunting, but the first golden rule is that cheap is expensive. You will end up spending more to optimally fix the CCTV system for your business if you just rush out and buy in uncertainty than get the right system from the start.


Do an assessment of the property and ask yourself what you need the CCTV cameras to see. Things to consider are if you need indoor or outdoor remote surveillance cameras. If it’s vital that they have both day and night vision, what is the wide angle they need to cover for example an entire factory floor just a reception front door. Or how clear you need the footage to be when recorded – will it be sufficient to see shapes and figures, or would you need to identify features and vehicle licence plates? All these subtle differences will help you narrow down to find your perfect business surveillance solution.

Whether you’re looking for an entry level system to cover a small business or office space, or if you need an intricate CCTV system for a multilevel building, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge to get the job done. Our team’s focus is providing commercial clients with the best, reliable advice and security products unique to each individual project.


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We provide free quotations for businesses and home owners looking for new CCTV systems. As well as repairs and upgrades to existing installations.

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