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Manage your life the smart way with an affordable connected home solution. The Risco LightSys & Agility combines a Smart Home, professional security and video monitoring. With easy-to-use technology for total convenience and peace of mind.

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Risco Agility 4

The Risco Agility 4 Alarm system with the 3G & IP modules is the ideal alarm system for a medium to large office or home. The Agility panel allows up to 32 wireless zones and 4 wired zones with the option of adding additional expanders.

Risco LightSys 2

The LightSYS2 Wireless Pet Kit is the ideal home alarm system kit. Due to the wireless inputs there is no need for messy cabling. The kit is the ideal starting alarm system to allow home alarm back to base alarm monitoring.

See our page on home alarm monitoring to find out more.

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Risco BWare

BWare Detector AM
Grade3, 15m

$227.48 inc GST

Risco BWare Detector AM Grade3, 15m


  • K-band microwave for superior performance and false alarm immunity
  • Internal cover protecting the PCB
  • Elegant sleek design with a single convex lens
  • Dual MW and PIR technologies
  • 15m (50?) coverage
  • Anti-Cloak? technology (ACT?)
  • Green Line? for disabling the MW during disarm
  • Active IR Anti-mask on Grade 3 models
Honeywell Smoke Detector

Honeywell Smoke

$66.55 inc GST

Honeywell Smoke Detector

  • 12/24VDC operation
  • Integral Temporal-3 sounder
  • Interconnectable up to 24 units
  • Built-in silence/test push?button
  • LED indicates standby and alarm modes
  • Relay output for connection to external systems such as Security panels
  • Chamber integrity check function
  • Backwards compatible with 2012H

LuNAR DT 360 Ceiling Mount
Detector Grade2

$157.30 inc GST

LuNAR DT 360 Ceiling Mount Detector Grade2

? 360? low profile ceiling mount DT
? Dual technology (MW and PIR)
? Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
? Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT)
? True Temperature Compensation
? Superior fluorescent interference rejection
? Built-in EOL resistors, jumper selectable
? Green Line? for disabling the MW during disarm
? Coverage: 360? 12m diameter
? Mounting height: 2.8m-4m

LuNAR Industrial DT AM, 360 Ceiling Mount Detector, Grade3

$229.90 inc GST

LuNAR Industrial DT AM, 360 Ceiling Mount Detector, Grade3

? RISCO Bus or relay installation
? Up to 8.6m mounting height
? 360? by 18m (60′) diameter coverage pattern
? Dual Technology (PIR+MW)
? 3 independently adjustable PIR channels for
customized coverage
? Anti-Mask: 3 Active IR channels
? Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT)
? True Temperature Compensation
? Green Line Technology
? 3 tri-color LEDs for easy walk testing
? Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable
? Remote Control & Diagnostics via PC software or a
bi-directional remote control (ROK3260)

Risco Lightsys Alarm Kit

LightSYS2 Kit – Wired

$514.25 inc GST

Risco LightSYS2 DIY Alarm Kit

  • Main PCB, Polycarbonate box, Plug pack,
    Phone lead, Wall tamper, Literature pack
  • LCD keypad
  • External piezo siren/strobe
  • Internal piezo screamer (top-hat)
  • 2 x Digisense PIR PET (ROK3050)
  • Sealed lead acid 12V, 7Ah battery

Panic Wristband

$70.18 inc GST

Risco Panic Wristband

? For Agility & Lightsys
? 433MHz (1-Way)
? Water resistant with IP67 rating
? Includes Lanyard and wristband
? Assigned to a zone on the control panel
? Low battery and transmission LED indication
? Typical Battery life: 3 years
? Operates up to 120m open line of sight

Risco 2-Way Wireless
External Sounder

$248.05 inc GST

2-Way Wireless External Siren

? For Agility & Lightsys
? 433MHz (2-Way)
? Fully battery powered
? Fully supervised
? Sounder volume 105 dB @ 1 meter – adjustable
? Cover and back tamper protection
? Typical battery lifetime: 3 years
? Wireless range 150m line of sight
? IP class IP 44
? Dimensions (mm): 273 (H) x 230 (W) x 64 (D)

Risco 2-way wireless Magnetic-Door Contact (Reed Switch)

$108.90 inc GST

2-Way Wireless Magnetic/Door Contact (Reed Switch)

? For Agility & Lightsys
? 433MHz (2-Way)
? Built in magnetic contact
? Selective input termination: NO, NC, DEOL
? Selective input response time adjusted to wired
sensors (Fast for shock sensors, Slow for
magnetic switches)
? Fully supervised
? Tamper protection: Back + Cover
? Battery-life saving: events are only sent once every
2.5 minutes

Risco Agility 4

Risco Agility 4 (3G) Kit with

$1,512.50 inc GST

Risco Agility 4 (3G) Kit with PET Camera PIRS

? 1 X (3G) Agility main panel
? 1 x 2-way Agility LCD keypad (ROK5305)
? 2 x PIR PET camera (ROK5370)
? 2 x 4 button keyfob
? 1 x GSM/GPRS (3G) module (ROK5630)