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Panic Wristband

$70.18 inc GST

Risco Panic Wristband

? For Agility & Lightsys
? 433MHz (1-Way)
? Water resistant with IP67 rating
? Includes Lanyard and wristband
? Assigned to a zone on the control panel
? Low battery and transmission LED indication
? Typical Battery life: 3 years
? Operates up to 120m open line of sight

Risco 2-Way Wireless
External Sounder

$248.05 inc GST

2-Way Wireless External Siren

? For Agility & Lightsys
? 433MHz (2-Way)
? Fully battery powered
? Fully supervised
? Sounder volume 105 dB @ 1 meter – adjustable
? Cover and back tamper protection
? Typical battery lifetime: 3 years
? Wireless range 150m line of sight
? IP class IP 44
? Dimensions (mm): 273 (H) x 230 (W) x 64 (D)

Risco 2-way wireless Magnetic-Door Contact (Reed Switch)

$108.90 inc GST

2-Way Wireless Magnetic/Door Contact (Reed Switch)

? For Agility & Lightsys
? 433MHz (2-Way)
? Built in magnetic contact
? Selective input termination: NO, NC, DEOL
? Selective input response time adjusted to wired
sensors (Fast for shock sensors, Slow for
magnetic switches)
? Fully supervised
? Tamper protection: Back + Cover
? Battery-life saving: events are only sent once every
2.5 minutes

Risco High Gain Antenna

$174.24 inc GST

Risco High Gain Antenna -?DG900HGL


(This product includes the 1CB6029. Able required for a complete install)


  • High Gain Antenna
  • For Risco RP432G30000A – 3G Kit

Risco Lumin8 Sounder

$242.00 inc GST

The Lumin professional external sounder uses a patent-pending spotlight to illuminate your logo at all hours, advertising your business even on the darkest of nights.

Powered by RISCO Bus Technology, the Lumin8 supports remote servicing when installed on a RISCO Security System, saving time and money on installation and maintenance.

Wireless Shock & Contact Detector (Reed Switch)

$82.28 inc GST

Wireless Shock & Contact Detector, 1-Way

? For Agility & Lightsys
? 433MHz (1-way)
? Shock with door/ window contact includes two
separate channels
? Includes door/window contact on a separate
wireless zone
? Digital Microprocessor with Intelligent Digital
Signal Processing
? Tri-color LED enables accurate and reliable
calibration, with over-sensitive and under
sensitive indications
? Gross attack detection
? Encapsulated bi-morph piezo electric sensor
? Wall and cover tamper protection
? Dimensions (mm): 81 (H) x 35 (W) x 32 (D)