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Paradox IP150 - Rock Security

Paradox IP150+ Internet Module

$152.90 inc GST

Paradox IP150+ Module

The Paradox IP150+ Module is a SWAN server compatible internet communication device that connects at the panel and enables the user to control and monitor a security system remotely over the internet via the Insite Gold App.

  • Includes serial cable to connect IP150+ to panel
  • Compatible with Paradox Spectra, Magellan and EVO control panels
  • Supports HTTPS
  • Easy installation with built-in clip for mounting
  • Report control panel events via IP to the Paradox IPR512 GPRS/IP monitoring receiver
  • Use Babyware to access your system through the internet
  • View live status of all zones and partitions via Insite Gold app
  • Very low bandwidth consumption