Our expert technical team are skilled in installing, servicing and repairing the finest Australian security systems that sit at the core of your back to base alarm monitoring.

Your safety is only as good as
your security systems.

Receiving your alarm signals at our 24/7 monitoring base in order for us to send help your way in case of an emergency is our number one priority.

Therefore it’s vital that you firstly have the right alarm system correctly installed that fits in with your unique needs. With burglar alarms varying in panel and zone sizes, different keypad displays and features, hard wired vs wireless systems, and standard or pet-friendly sensors, the options are vast, but our team can help you with the perfect pick and the alarm installation.

Secondly, book a technician to service the alarm system at least once a year; we even recommend doing this twice a year. Just like any product you will ever purchase, your alarm system will start deteriorating over time, causing its effectiveness to slowly reduce. This is the last thing you want! Make the most of the investment you made for your safety by keeping your alarm systems in excellent functioning condition to ensure optimal performance.

Thirdly, test all security systems regularly to identify any defective units that might need repairs. Phone our monitoring centre to notify us that you will be conducting a test, so we don’t send authorities to a false alarm, and continue to trigger each detector to check their effectiveness. Should you notice any of them are faulty, let us know so we can send a technician for repairs.

Help us to help you ensure your technology won’t fail you when you need it most!

Visit our “What questions to ask when installing an alarm system?” blog and see whether your system is set up correctly, functioning as it should and determine whether there are any ‘weak; points.

Don’t wait weeks for technical installations & service, contact us today and we will get right back to you.

Looking for alarm, CCTV, Access Control or intercom products? Jump to our extensive Online Security Store and browse away. Our team will be happy to help with any advice or information you require.


Alarm Monitoring Plans

Dialler Monitoring

  • Make us of existing telephone
  • Existing PSTN telephone
  • 24 hour Poll
  • __________________

  • $6.00
  • / week
GPRS 12hr poll

  • Standalone GPRS unit
  • Single Sim
  • 12 Hour Poll
  • __________________

  • $9.00
  • / week
GPRS 1hr poll

  • Standalone GPRS unit
  • Dual Sim
  • 1 Hour Poll
  • __________________

  • $11.00
  • / week
Self Monitoring

  • Standalone GPRS unit
  • Single Sim
  • Self Managed
  • __________________

  • $4.00
  • / week


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